SaaS e‑commerce

Definition of SaaS e-commerce

A SaaS e-commerce platform is an e-commerce software delivered as a cloud-based system that can be accessed through all types of web browsers.

How does SaaS e-commerce work?

A SaaS e-commerce platform is an e-commerce software delivered as a cloud-based system that can be accessed through all types of web browsers. SaaS e-commerce is typically sold on a subscription basis.

What’s the difference between a traditional e-commerce platform and a SaaS e-commerce system?

Choosing a (new) web store can be daunting: it needs to play well with the rest of your IT landscape, fit your budget, and align with your business’ short- and long-term needs.

The choice between hosting that web store in the cloud or on-premise often boils down to one major factor: flexibility. On-premise (traditional e-commerce) hosting is a method that many businesses stay true to because it’s what they know and how they’ve managed e-commerce for a long time. It’s sometimes also clearer from a cost perspective because you understand your upfront e-commerce costs.

But with SaaS e-commerce, hosting in the cloud means that it doesn’t require much effort to upgrade. You can keep your existing settings, and there’s no need to reconfigure your entire web store after each upgrade. You can do all this for a convenient monthly fee.

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What are the benefits of SaaS e-commerce?

Here are the main benefits of opting for a SaaS e-commerce platform:

  • Always on the latest software version: This is the most important benefit of SaaS e-commerce. E-commerce platforms typically release a few new features throughout the year to help their clients grow their online business. If you have a SaaS e-commerce solution, you benefit from those new features as soon as they’re rolled out.
  • Monthly subscription: SaaS e-commerce is sold as a monthly subscription and is cheaper than purchasing a traditional e-commerce platform.
  • Easier maintenance: When the SaaS e-commerce is hosted with the provider, the provider is responsible for software maintenance, hosting, uptime, performance, and speed. Typically, SaaS upgrades and updates are done automatically, this translates to significantly easier maintenance, which saves your business time and money. For example, with Sana Commerce Cloud it’s always the case that we take care of security, upgrades, hosting, backups, and keep an eye on website traffic.
  • Quick to install: SaaS e-commerce is the easiest and quickest way to launch a web store because it isn’t installed or maintained by the users themselves. With a SaaS e-commerce platform, your business can go to market in record time.
  • Increased security: Because of the automatic updates, your SaaS web store will always be up to date and protected against vulnerabilities like downtime, data loss, and hacks. Discover more ways Sana Commerce Cloud can help avoid security issues.

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