Sana Commerce Insights

Get a holistic overview of all your commercial data with the only analytics tool to combine your ERP, web store and analytics data — all available to you out of the box from your Sana Commerce Cloud store.

One dashboard, all your data

Designed to provide you with actionable commercial intelligence, Sana Commerce Insights makes all your data available in one dashboard. It was purpose-built to be user friendly and provide you with quick and easy access to important store metrics whenever you need them.

  • Integrates seamlessly with your Sana Commerce Cloud store, ERP and clickstream data
  • Use built-in dashboards so you can easily see impactful performance metrics, like customer adoption and revenue
  • See how subcategories, like product type and location, influence performance

Leverage your ERP, web store and analytics data

Sana Commerce Insights combines data from three sources: your ERP, web store and analytics data. Analytics and clickstream data is made available by Piwik PRO, a Google Analytics alternative with a strong B2B use-case fit.

Like with all our products, Sana Commerce Insights is also fully integrated with your ERP, so you can have all of your valuable customer data tied in with your existing customer network and business data.

Sana Commerce Insights

Benefit from more data and better insights

Having all your data in one place gives you unique insights into your customers’ activities. With Sana Commerce Insights, you don’t just benefit from the synergy of tapping three data sources together — you also get a unique mix of online and offline insights that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Say goodbye to the anonymous data you struggle with in Google Analytics
  • Dive freely into data on a customer-specific level
  • View your individual visitors’ purchase and click paths
  • Search using natural language: ask questions about your data and find the answers you’re looking for with ease

Identify opportunities to grow

Understand the activity of your customers in different regions and industries. Learn how your customers engage with your products, pages and checkout processes to improve your online experience and help you stand out against your competitors.

Optimize conversation rates

Increase revenue by identifying potential gains like shopping cart abandoners and cross and upsell opportunities.

Strengthen your catalog

Analyze how your products perform, both online and offline, and identify what product data you can improve.

Improve user experience

Understand how your customers use your web store and improve their online experience.

Prevent customer churn

Get in-depth insights on customers with little activity or show risks of churn and encourage them to keep coming back, while expanding your customer base simultaneously.


Compare web store metrics against peers' to identify areas where you can grow further.

Learn from the experts

Need help interpreting your data? We offer one-on-one e-commerce coaching to help you set and achieve your targets.

Discover Sana Commerce Cloud

Learn how our ERP-integrated solution centralizes your data so you can focus on the future.

Which plan is right for you?

Out of the box, Insights Preview is available free of charge for Sana Commerce Cloud customers. If you are looking for even more comprehensive data and additional services, check out Sana Commerce Insights (standard) or Sana Commerce Insights+.

Pricing Sana Commerce Insights

What our customers have to say:

Hummert International

“Our management team was very impressed with the in-depth commercial insights of the product. It helps us create better visibility for the impact of e-commerce; this can really help us dig into the data. I mean, when you are talking about adding value, this is really powerful.”

Jason Hummert | Sales Manager at Hummert International Learn more
Hummert International

“The product helps us to identify how we can increase online adoption. We were able to define clear actions to increase web store usage based on these insights. We really like the in-depth data overview, and the product is very easy to use and looks great!”

Lars Gerritsen | Digital Sales at Selecta Netherlands Learn more

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