Sana Commerce Cloud and Sana Commerce Insights

See how our e-commerce solution and analytics tool work together in this 30-min demo.

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In the demo video

Learn all about the cutting-edge features of Sana Commerce Cloud, followed by an exclusive product demo.

You’ll also get a first look into our brand-new product, Sana Commerce Insights, which provides you with actionable commercial insights.

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About Sana Commerce Cloud

Sana Commerce Cloud is the only real-time, ERP-integrated e-commerce solution built to enable business evolution and foster lasting customer relationships.
Sana Commerce Cloud offers:

  • The same foolproof SAP and Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration our customers have always loved.
  • Brand-new design capabilities, cutting edge technology and unrivaled performance.
  • Real-time data from your ERP available in your web store 24/7.
Sana Commerce Cloud - ERP-Integrated E-Commerce - Demo Video with Sana Commerce Insights

About Sana Commerce Insights

Get more visibility and a better holistic overview of all your commercial data with Sana Commerce Insights (SCI).

  • Evaluate store performance based on category, like product type or location.
  • Set targets and track performance growth alongside your business goals.
  • Get professional advice with the Sana Success Track, a free program to help you optimize your web store.
  • And more!

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