Episode 17: How to use existing business data to make success simple

How to use existing business data to make success simple

Jeremy Jensen, tech professional and former CTO of Southwest Automated Security systems, joins Arno to discuss how fast-changing economies and multiple complex inventory underlined the need for an automated e-commerce solution. While at Southwest Automated Security, Jeremy and his team experienced a lot of challenges that many other B2B companies also face.

They discuss how other mainstream solutions don't always pan out for B2B companies looking to sell online. Southwest Automated Security uses a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP and has been using this ERP through numerous updates or "cycles." When looking for an e-commerce solution, they didn't want a solution that would require them to duplicate all the information they had collected, stored and maintained in their ERP system since 2008.

After looking into other mainstream e-commerce solutions, they realized that a truly integrated e-commerce solution was going to benefit them the most in that it would prevent the team from having to duplicate data across two systems (their ERP and their web store).

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