Episode 13: Keeping integration top of mind to eliminate complexity

Keeping Integration Top of Mind to Eliminate Complexity

Arno has an interesting conversation with Mariette Doosje, a business consultant who helps clients implement e-commerce solutions for B2B. Their conversation dives into the complexity of B2B business cases. Rather than being intimidated by the scale of difficulty, she offers a perspective on how a smart integration-based strategy can solve most of these hurdles before they appear.

In this episode, Arno covers:

  • E-commerce for B2B vs. B2C: What’s the difference once and for all?
  • Importance of a specific solution for B2B e-commerce
  • Why mainstream solutions fail B2B companies looking to sell online
  • Learn how functional integration works
  • When to manage your product information in the ERP or in a dedicated PIM system

B2B E‑Commerce Integrated

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