Episode 12: Improving product detail pages with no extra work

Improving Product Detail Pages with No Extra Work

Lehr Auto is one of the West Coast’s largest suppliers of first-response equipment. Their mission? To make it as easy as possible for first responders to get the equipment they need to respond to every emergency they’re called to.

In this week’s episode of B2B E-Commerce Integrated, Arno talks with Sean Stapleton on the importance of a B2B e-commerce store for Lehr’s business. Sean reveals how integrating his business’s web store with their ERP lifted the burden of having to manually import product data into the B2B web store.

Over 30,000 SKUs were automatically synced to the B2B shop front and given accurate detail pages via real-time updating and native integration

In this episode:

  • How to use your existing ERP system as a “honey pot” of information for your web store
  • How to display 24/7 stock inventory to buyers who rely on this
  • Avoid order errors and get real-time accuracy

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