Sana Commerce among the first e‑commerce solution providers certified for SAP Business One Cloud integration

Denise Castillo
December 16, 2019

With an existing portfolio of nine supported Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems, Sana Commerce has now expanded its ERP suite to include SAP Business One Cloud.

From December 12, 2019 and onward, Sana will become one of the first e-commerce software vendors to support SAP Business One Cloud integration, with two versions being made available: one hosted directly by SAP, and one hosted by a third-party or hosting partner. Notably, Sana Commerce’s unique approach to SAP Business One Cloud integration is certified by SAP itself.

Alongside this new ERP integration, Sana has also made a critical adjustment to the way it tackles integration; instead of integrating Sana’s software and SAP Business One Cloud through a Data Interface (DI) server, Sana will now be integrating with SAP Business One Cloud via the service layer. As a result, Sana will be on the cutting edge of a new and developing technology — which will be regularly enhanced by SAP moving forward — that will offer more points of communication to allow the Sana solution to more quickly and efficiently retrieve SAP ERP data. This approach will also mitigate known issues with DI server integration and move the Sana solution toward a more innovative and future-facing way of working.

“Thanks to SAP Busines One Cloud’s new service layer technology, our integration with SAP Business One is better than ever before. Supporting SAP Business One Cloud, Sana can now offer our customers easier and faster implementation, improved web store performance, and more flexibility in using the data and logic from their SAP Business One ERP.”

— Arno Ham | Chief Technology Officer at Sana Commerce
In addition to these implementation and performance benefits, Sana’s support of SAP Business One Cloud demonstrates its ability to keep pace with both e-commerce customers’ evolving expectations and the best practices followed by market leaders like Microsoft and SAP: leveraging a cloud-hosted ERP system to have a variety of SSPs, like EDI, connected independently to the core of their ERP system via the cloud.

Thus, Sana’s new SAP Business One Cloud integration will allow customers to maximize the number of tools and technologies, such as apps and add-ons, that they can leverage in tandem with their ERP system — powering the strongest possible e-commerce experience and extending the capabilities of SAP Business One Cloud. This means near-limitless potential for Sana customers running SAP Business One Cloud, today and beyond, to experiment with, improve, and evolve their ERP-powered e-commerce experiences in a fast and flexible way.

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