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An e-commerce solution to fit the needs of a global enterprise.

  • A global enterprise founded in 1923
  • Leading provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions
  • Distributes to the hospitality, healthcare, retail, facility management, and food and beverage industries

9 web stores

launched in 2020


customer satisfaction rate

100% increase

in order frequency

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The goal

A multicountry e-commerce solution

Before working with Sana Commerce, Diversey’s e-commerce journey was on a much different path. Following an acquisition and internal restructuring of the company, it could no longer continue with its original e-commerce solution. Undeterred by this disruption, the global enterprise reevaluated its e-commerce solution across the board, discovering Sana Commerce along the way. Diversey found that Sana Commerce was the right fit not only because of its scalable solution, but also its ability to strategize a long-term launch plan. These two attributes were necessary to make it easier to roll out a new e-commerce platform across Diversey’s European organization.

Customers were a key focal point for Diversey during this project. The company wanted its new e-commerce platform to:

  • Maintain existing customer relationships, including customers’ data and history
  • Make the buying experience more transparent and accessible to customers
  • Monitor customer satisfaction
Diversey Product Image

Diversey aims to foster long-lasting customer relationships and recognizes that a solid, scalable e-commerce solution can help it achieve this goal. Sana Commerce’s out-of-the-box solution, complete with customizations to fit Diversey’s specific business processes, was the perfect choice for this global enterprise.

We are expanding so rapidly we need to plan accordingly to ensure e-commerce solutions are delivered in a coordinated and scalable fashion. At the start, we were concerned that this new solution would be quite a challenge to move between countries; however, the transition was flawless.

Diversey Quote Logo Rob Hoogendijk | E-Commerce Manager at Diversey

The solution

An easy-to-execute solution delivered on time (despite COVID-19 disruption)

Together, Diversey and Sana Commerce developed an e-commerce solution to roll out new web stores across Diversey’s European division. Before implementing Sana Commerce’s solution, Diversey had long used a custom ERP, which held customer-specific relationship data, to service its vast European region. The company knew that for its new e-commerce project to be a success, it would need an agile solution that could be implemented across multiple countries while drawing on custom ERP functionality specific to each country’s web store.
This resulted in:

Within a matter of months, the first Diversey web store was launched in Switzerland, with its next web store in France following closely behind. By the end of 2020, Sana Commerce launched nine web stores for Diversey. Despite implementation amidst a global pandemic, the deployment framework put in place at the start of the year ensured the project was a success for both Diversey and Sana Commerce.

Our key focal point is that our customers are happy, which they are. From an internal perspective, our employees are also happy to have the system working correctly for everyone to enjoy a more modern shopping environment.

Diversey Quote Logo Rob Hoogendijk | E-Commerce Manager at Diversey

The results

Improved user experience for customers and employees

Customer relationships are very important to Diversey. Sana Commerce improved user experience by keeping the same functionality from Diversey’s existing ERP and creating a more user-friendly web store. In fact, customers using the new web store more than doubled their order frequency, a clear indicator of the easier order process.

Within the first few months, Diversey’s customers also reported being much happier with the user-friendly and reliable service. The customer satisfaction rate to date is high, ranking 4.25 on a 5-point scale. On a related note, Diversey has also seen notable improvements in customer churn rate, which has been reduced by more than a quarter.

Diversey’s success can also be measured in terms of the desire to replicate these web stores across its European division. The first nine countries to implement the new e-commerce solution were met with such success that requests from Diversey’s remaining country divisions came pouring in. Now armed with a tried-and-true e-commerce solution, Diversey is positioned to launch 10 more web stores across Europe in 2021.

The future

Concluding thoughts and tips on moving your enterprise e-commerce project forward

It has only been a year since Diversey chose Sana Commerce as their e-commerce software provider. As they roll out web stores in 2021, Sana Commerce and Diversey continue to work closely together in order to strategize and plan accordingly for the remaining countries. The e-commerce success of 2020 is the template for continued success in 2021.

With our Sana Commerce web store, we have performed well against our 2020 e-commerce target, despite the severe disruptions felt by some of our important market sectors. We believe having Sana Commerce as our e-commerce partner allows us to not just achieve our goals, but to be more effective as an organization. As a result, we’re looking to make further investment in Sana Commerce in 2020 and beyond.

Diversey Quote Logo Rob Hoogendijk | E-Commerce Manager at Diversey

Final advice from Diversey’s Rob Hoogendijk, who oversaw the implementation of its new e-commerce solution across Europe:

“I would have loved to know how easy it was to implement the new platform from country to country. I wish we had thought further ahead in the early months. We were always chasing timelines and deadlines, and this came at the cost of taking a step back and thinking in a slightly broader perspective.”

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