phil&teds new e-commerce platform improved its customer convenience and internal processes.

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The challenge

Outdated legacy systems and heavy dependency on developers

phil&teds was struggling with its legacy systems that were heavily reliant on developers to fix problems. The company had a lot of in-house expertise, which couldn’t be leveraged with its legacy systems.

An e-commerce project was part of phil&teds’ company-wide digital transformation efforts. phil&teds set out to find an e-commerce platform that would provide its B2B customers and sales teams with information that was easy to access and receive sales orders directly from customers. The company also wanted the B2B web store to display:

  • Open invoices
  • Real-time inventory stock levels
  • Product information
  • Historical account data
  • All this 24/7 and on any device for global customers

We wanted to empower B2B customers and sales teams to get the right information easily, and interact with us.

phil&teds Kaye Su | Digital Strategy Manager at phil&teds

The solution

A SaaS solution that was easy to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365

phil&teds knew that finding an e-commerce solution that would integrate with its Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC ERP would be the perfect solution. The company sought an ERP to deliver more informed decisions with connected data across accounting, sales and purchasing, improved stock visibility, and better customer transactions.

“Sana Commerce SaaS was a lower investment for our on-site developers and IT support: there were no complex system integrations with our Microsoft Dynamic 365 ERP. The time to market was very quick, and the solution came with out-of-the-box elements that immediately fit our B2B customers’ needs,” says Kaye Su, Digital Strategy Manager at phil&teds.

Given that customers are at the heart of everything we do, every system we implement needs to enable actions that drive sales growth, lower the cost of business or increase customer engagement by making it easier.

phil&teds Kaye Su | Digital Strategy Manager at phil&teds

The results

Improved customer convenience and internal processes

  • Increased efficiency: “Sana Commerce allows our customers and sales teams to make admin and info inquiries and repeat purchases 24/7, without needing to contact an agent,” says Su.
  • Streamlined processes: “Now all data changes, from inventory to customers, in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP are immediately reflected in the web store. Customers can see inventory availability and pricing unique to them in their local currency.”
  • Improved content management: “The content management side of Sana Commerce is easy to use and build out different landing pages as needed for our new product launches.”
  • No more worrying about web store uptime, hosting, and security: “Instead of paying for in-house developers, worrying about uptime, hosting and security, this has allowed our IT team to focus on other areas of growth for the business.”
  • Increased customer satisfaction: “Customer feedback was hugely positive. They found it easy to navigate and find what they needed to enable repeat purchasing.”

The future

Tips from phil&teds

Thinking about getting started with e-commerce? Here is some advice from phil&teds: “Stay focused on your core business goals. An integrated IT system can create productivity gains and efficiencies. However, it is what you do with those key insights and analytics that can help you capitalize on sales opportunities and provide true value to your customers. Anything IT can be intoxicating, so asking questions like ‘yeah, but what does it do for the customer’ is a way to cut to the real value offered. Furthermore, the time allocated to train (customers and staff) always pays off.”

Does phil&teds recommend Sana Commerce?

“For any enterprise company that sells globally to other businesses, Sana Commerce is an obvious choice. All the complexity of individual pricing agreements, currency conversions, and supply chains are housed in your ERP. Sana Commerce connects directly to this, meaning there is no duplication and one source of data,” says Kaye Su, Digital Strategy Manager at phil&teds

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