Rauch Import

With its new web store, Rauch Import has doubled its online sales.

  • A wholesaler of printers, IT equipment, and copy and printer consumables in Austria
  • Over 30 years of sales experience and more than 1,200 resellers
  • 60+ employees




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online sales

The challenge

Meeting client demands

Rauch Import has always tried to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. The company already had an online sales portal, however, its possibilities were limited and it was fast becoming outdated in the face of changing client wishes and needs. Rauch Import’s old e-commerce solution did not fully incorporate pricing algorithms, for instance. The same was also true for real-time inventory availability, pricing, special projects and shipping fees.

Every minor upgrade to the web store added to the costs, so finding a new e-commerce solution became imperative. Rauch Import set two important goals for their new online sales environment. First of all, the transition to the new web store had to be as fast and as easy as possible. Secondly, the new online environment had to provide added value for clients.

The solution

Complete data availability through integration

Truly integrated e-commerce solutions for B2B can be hard to find. For Rauch Import, the fact that Sana’s e-commerce solution is integrated in Microsoft Dynamics AX was crucial in the decision-making process. Because Sana’s integrated web store uses all the data directly from the ERP system, correct information such as product availability, customer-specific pricing and transportation fees is available in real time. The complete web store was set up in 7 days.

The results

Improved efficiency and omnichannel sales

Thanks to its Sana Commerce web store, Rauch Import benefited from the following results:

  • More sales: Rauch Import has doubled their online sales with Sana Commerce. Although the company’s previous web store initially met their needs, it was costly and time-consuming to keep it up to date. Sana Commerce is integrated with Rauch Import’s Dynamics AX system, ensuring that their new web store is always up to date and that continuous upgrades are no longer necessary.
  • Fewer errors: Sana Commerce was able to help Rauch Import prevent potential errors. Double input has been made redundant now that the company can use data stored in the ERP in the web store, directly and in real time.

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