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Signature Floors has managed to get 80% of its customers to order online. Discover its story.

  • A family-run company
  • Based in Victoria, Australia
  • Sells to both residential and commercial customers
  • Committed to delivering the best innovation and quality the world can offer in flooring

5 to 150

increase in weekly orders


of customers now order online


in customer calls and order errors

The challenge

A website that customers refused to use

Signature Floors’ first e-commerce platform was integrated into its then 2008/09 version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system. However, the e-commerce site was slow, and customers refused to use it.

When Signature Floors upgraded its Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP to the newest version, it decided to not continue with its e-commerce platform. But after shutting off its web store, Signature Floors received many complaints from customers who wanted to place orders online. Therefore, the company began a search for the best-fit e-commerce platform.

Signature Floors

Our last e-commerce platform was integrated into our ERP, but it wasn’t streamlined enough, and customers were screaming out for a better web store. We considered building a web store from the bottom up. But we soon realized we needed a partner who had done this before and who knew e-commerce. That’s why we chose Sana Commerce.

Signature floors Stephan Pace | National Operations Manager at Signature Floors

The solution

An ERP-integrated e-commerce platform

Alongside its digital partner Microchannel, Signature Floors chose Sana Commerce because of its experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its understanding of B2B. The company had altered its ERP system to fit its business needs, so naturally, the Sana out-of-the-box e-commerce platform had to be customized to fit its modified ERP ⁠— something which could be done with Sana Commerce.

“Once we had done all the testing on the web store, everything just worked seamlessly, and the site was never down once. We wanted a web store that you don’t need instructions or manuals to use. People can log on and order. We achieved that with Sana,” says Pace.

Now 80% of our customers order online instead of calling us, and, according to the feedback we’ve received, we are now among the top websites in the flooring industry.

Signature floors Stephan Pace | National Operations Manager at Signature Floors

The results

More efficiency and happier clients

Thanks to its Sana Commerce web store, Signature Floors benefited from the following results:

  • Increased efficiency: The number of calls has decreased, as customers now can check stock availability online. In the flooring industry, it’s also common to “hold stock” and now Signature Floors customers can do so online, instead of calling in. Signature Floors staff now have more time to spend with customers, and drive sales.

“We’re now able to put specials and discounts on the web store before we used to spend a lot of time sending out emails with discounts. And people don’t read emails anymore, having it online is much more efficient”

⁠— Stephan Pace | National Operations Manager at Signature Floors

  • Decreased errors: “We have fewer errors with the platform because the pricing is done correctly because the Sana web store pulls all the information directly from our ERP and this leaves no room for error,” says Pace.
  • Higher customer satisfaction: 80% of Signature Floors’ customers are now using the web store. “Customers love using the Sana e-commerce platform; it is so easy compared to our previous website”, says Pace. “They find placing orders online much easier than calling us. In addition, our customers really love the “search” functionality on the website.”
  • Online orders increased from 5 to 150 orders weekly: Via its previous web store, Signature Floors was only receiving 5 or 6 B2B orders a week. Now with the Sana web store, it is receiving over 150 orders via the web store.


Signature Floors’ advice for finding the perfect e-commerce solution

Signature Floors shared a final piece of advice for other businesses who are also searching for an e-commerce solution. “Make sure you partner with a company that has a proven track record of already integrating with your ERP system and has experience with the B2B market”, says Pace.

We involved our customers in the project and they came back to us with feedback on what functionalities they wanted in a web store. We considered all that when building our e-commerce platform.

Signature floors Stephan Pace | National Operations Manager at Signature Floors

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