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B2B E‑Commerce Startup Package

Looking to set up shop online? Here are four essential assets you need to help you get started with B2B e-commerce. Use the form below to download the full package.

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Get the following assets

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Beginner's handbook to B2B e-commerce

Learn the basics of online selling with The beginner's handbook. Plus, understand how COVID-19 has impacted the traditional B2B selling model.

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E-commerce ROI calculator

Quantify the benefits of e-commerce for your business. See how much time and money you can save, as well as how much additional revenue you can bring in, with this free ROI calculator.

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Move your B2B customers online

How can you get your clients to adopt an online sales channel? In this 30-minute video, learn how to persuade reluctant or inexperienced clients to purchase online, optimize your web store, and more.

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The benefits of integration

In this white paper, you will discover the 46 benefits of having an ERP-integrated e-commerce store. Understand how real-time pricing, stock levels and online order processing drive sales and improve customer experience.

Discover the benefits of e-commerce

kit e-commerce - 11%

increase in returning and repeat orders

Get started with e-commerce LP - 53% of customers find it easier to order

of customers find it easier to order

Get started with e-commerce LP - 16% decrease in average order errors

decrease in average order errors

Get started with B2B e-commerce

Learn the essentials of starting a B2B web store.


Use the form to download all four assets:

  • The beginner’s handbook [Guide]
  • E-commerce ROI calculator [Calculator]
  • How to move your B2B customers online [Video]
  • The benefits of integration [White paper]