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With Sana Commerce, aden + anais™ expanded its business to multiple regions with beautiful and informative sites.

  • Collection of luxurious baby products and gifts, with distinctly designed pieces, featuring sophisticated hand-drawn prints in an array of fabrics, for an ultimate sense of style
  • Launched in 2006 in New York, now available in thousands of stores worldwide



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The challenge

Scaling up without compromise

In 2010, aden + anais™ was looking to streamline its ordering process for its retailers. The company’s products had been traditionally carried and sold largely by boutique stores that cater to new and expectant mothers and people looking for high-end gifts. But big box stores and international boutiques also started showing interest in carrying its products.

To address this need, aden + anais™ started looking for a way to simplify ordering for these retailers. The new solution had to check a number of boxes, though: it had to be cost-effective, and it still had to let the company focus on existing boutique customers while growing other areas of the business.

At the same time, Sana Commerce was beginning the start of its U.S. expansion.

The solution

Reusing existing ERP logic to deliver a great online buying experience

aden + anais™ chose Sana Commerce as their e-commerce partner to help them scale their merchant business. The two companies collaborated closely to deploy the web store to the U.S. and several other regions, and aden + anais™ hasn’t looked back since.

  • The seamless integration between Sana Commerce and the ERP system of aden + anais™ means that their web store can use customer-specific logic such as pricing, inventory and order history in real time in the web store. Their ERP remains the single source of truth — no need to replicate and maintain multiple databases.
  • With the new web store, the company’s dealers have the freedom to place orders whenever it suits them. These enterprising retailers can focus on running their business during the day, and take care of admin after hours.
  • The new e-commerce setup has also improved admin processes for aden + anais™: much of the company’s order processing and fulfillment process has been automated, saving time and improving efficiency.

The results

Expanding the business without sacrificing the brand values

Working with Sana Commerce, aden + anais™ was able to expand their business without sacrificing the brand’s core value. Their web stores look like a boutique, are tailored to each region, and provide the right information and imagery for retailers to truly get a feel of the products.

“How you present yourself is half the battle,” says Deen. “With Sana, our site is beautiful and informative.”

Together the companies have enjoyed an eight-year long relationship that is still strong today. The e-commerce market evolves continuously and is radically different today than it was nearly a decade ago. Sana Commerce helped aden + anais™ build a strong foundation that has helped them capitalize on market opportunity and navigate market challenges as it sets it sights on the next decade.

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