Discover how Copagro reduced its sales team’s manual workload and lowered its order error rate.

  • A leading distributor of paint and decoration in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg (Benelux)
  • Copagro has 30% market share with a network of 175 sales outlets and makes 350 million euros in revenue
  • Sells to paint and decoration wholesalers and professional painters


fewer questions
by phone


average daily online revenue


error rate

The goal

To remain market leader and deliver directly to end customers

Copagro is distribution market leader in the Benelux and wants to stay ahead of competitors. The Benelux paint industry is quite traditional with slow growth. The prices in the industry are constantly under pressure. That’s why Copagro doesn’t want to be seen as the cheapest option, but it stands out by providing its customers with outstanding service. Copagro is an innovator in its industry and 4 years ago, the company began its digital transformation. Copagro sees digitization is a crucial element to its digitization.

Copagro has defined the following 3 phases in their digital transformation:

  1. Selecting an ERP system.
  2. Integrating the web store with the ERP. This speeds up all company processes and data from the ERP is displayed on the web store in real-time.
  3. Setting up a B2C web store. Copagro wanted to expand its 25% market share by using a new business model. With e-commerce, it can not only focus on selling to B2B customers, but also to B2C customers.

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The solution

100% integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Copagro was searching an e-commerce solution that would seamlessly integrate with its Microsoft Navision ERP. Sana Commerce was the perfect provider for the type of solution they were after.

Integrating its Navision ERP with Sana Commerce gave Copagro the ability to:

  • Display all information in real-time. Removing any misunderstandings about stock availability. The information is taken straight from the ERP: the company’s single source of truth.
  • Display customer-specific information in the web store. Copagro can now offer personalized information to all its customers. From customer-specific prices to various packaging, discounts, barcodes, delivery certificates, to invoices. This information is now available to each individual customer. Improving Copagro’s communication with its customers.
  • The many online marketing tools offered by the platform (such as SEO, SEA, and email), which allow Copagro to roll out more online marketing activities in the future. This is mainly useful in the case of B2C sales.
  • The connection between the PIM system EZ base and Sana: this connection is beneficial to Copagro since it saves them a lot of time and money for managing all products and information safely in one place.

The results

Lower costs and happy customers

Copagro is happy with the implementation and launch of its Sana web store. The web store is currently delivering the following benefits:

  • €40.000 daily revenue made through sales on the web store on average, Copagro receives 40 orders a day (with an average order value of €1,000). That means they have 40 fewer orders a day that are processed by phone or email.
  • Reducing its sales teams’ workload. Customer calls with standard questions about prices and stock have been reduced to zero.
  • Reduced order error: Copagro no longer receives complaints about wrongly delivered orders and orders process has now been automated.

Copagro is happy with its new web store. Ann Mettepenningen, Copagro’s Financial & HR Director, gave an important tip for other companies orienting themselves on e-commerce projects: preparation is crucial to the project’s success.

The future

What’s next for Copagro?

This isn’t the end of its digital transformation. In fact, Copagro is on a mission to become the digital leader in the paint industry. Currently, only 25% of wholesale orders are processed digitally, but Copagro’s goal is to double this percentage. The company hopes to accomplish this by using B2C sales and further expanding its marketing activities.

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