HydroGarden’s new web store offers a better customer experience, saves time for sales reps, and generated £1 million+ in 5 months.

  • Wholesaler, manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic products since 1996
  • Based in the U.K., active globally
  • Focuses exclusively on B2B, supplying products and services to commercial clients


increase in website order value in 1 year

£1 million+

in revenue in under 5 months


increase in order volume in 1 year

The challenge

Faster and easier online shopping experience

When HydroGarden decided to select a new ERP system to improve functionality and reliability, it also used the opportunity to invest in an efficient and future-proof e-commerce solution.

HydroGarden has always believed in e-commerce. Its clients were also enthusiastic, but poor website performance deterred them from ordering online. The company previously worked with an e-commerce system developed by the same company responsible for its original ERP system. However, orders could take up to 30 minutes to process. HydroGarden wanted a new e-commerce solution to provide a faster, easier online shopping experience that would assist clients buying through the web store


The solution

E-commerce integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for immediate order processing

HydroGarden selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its new ERP and started the search for an integrated e-commerce platform. The company had always known that e-commerce was essential for its business, and the integration issues with its previous solution made it clear that it needed an e-commerce solution that integrated with Dynamics NAV.

HydroGarden learned about Sana Commerce during a NAV/Sana Commerce event for customers. As it evaluated potential NAV partners, HydroGarden was advised that Sana Commerce was a widely recommended e-commerce solution in the market. After selecting its NAV partner, HydroGarden decided that Sana Commerce’s ERP-integrated e-commerce solution best placed to meet its requirements. The company had originally considered a bespoke solution. However, product demonstrations made it clear that the scope of the Sana Commerce solution would meet its current requirements. A key advantage with Sana Commerce would be that orders would be processed immediately, instead of taking up to 30 minutes to be processed.

An integrated e-commerce solution ensures fast, efficient order processing for our business.

Hydrogarden David McFall | IT Manager at HydroGarden

The results

Over £1 million in revenue in under 5 months

Thanks to its Sana Commerce web store, HydroGarden benefited from the following results:

  • Over £1 million in revenue: Since the launch of HydroGarden’s Sana Commerce web store, online orders have increased. The web store generates approximately £250,000 of revenue per month and achieved £1 million in revenue in under 5 months. HydroGarden have seen website order values significantly increase by 58% in just one year (YTD vs. the same period in 2016) in addition to a 31% increase in order volumes for the same period.
  • More time for new business: One of HydroGarden’s key objectives is to encourage existing clients to use the web store. 85% of customers still place orders by phone, but switching to the web store offers benefits to both them and HydroGarden. Many clients were waiting until Monday to place orders, even though this is no longer necessary with an integrated e-commerce solution. “With Sana Commerce customers can order during the weekend as well,” says David McFall, IT Manager at HydroGarden. This grants clients more freedom to buy when it suits them, while saving time for the company’s inside sales team, who are now a lot less reliant on the phone.
  • More time for clients: It’s not just clients who benefit from the Sana web store. It’s much easier for the marketing team to work with product data and images in conjunction with the ERP. They save time, and no longer have to deal with duplicate content and potential errors. This allows them to concentrate on potential cross-sales opportunities and personalizing messages for existing client accounts. Meanwhile, the inside sales team now receive fewer telephone order queries thanks to the accuracy of product data. This provides more time for the sales team to nurture existing customer accounts, increase sales and improve existing business opportunities.
  • International business opportunities: The U.K. remains the main source of HydroGarden’s sales, but an increasing percentage of revenue is coming from mainland Europe and the rest of the world. The web store allows clients to place orders whenever they want, regardless of time zone, allowing 24/7 supply of products around the world.

Increasing revenue through international trade is a very real opportunity for us.

Hydrogarden David McFall | IT Manager at HydroGarden

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