The integration between Perfion and Sana Commerce saves Locinox valuable time and makes things easier for clients.

  • Develops and manufactures fittings for fencing and gates
  • Vision is for every high-quality fence to have a gate with at least one Locinox component


order error rate


accurate product information


customer convenience

The challenge

Managing an extensive range of product combinations

Locinox’ range of product combinations and finishes makes product information management extremely complex. Products are highly configurable, with information available in six languages. Furthermore, the product range differs per group and/or region. Compiling a product catalog, keeping it up to date and publishing information on the website were becoming highly labor-intensive tasks.

Consequently, Locinox was looking for a new system offering increased information management efficiency. In addition, they wanted to set up a business-to-business e-commerce platform to offer customers a user-friendly way to place orders.


The solution

Online product catalog with Perfion and Sana Commerce

Partnering with Sana provided the ideal solution, as Locinox was looking for a way to take extensive product information to the web for its customers. Together with its ERP partner, Ad Ultima, Locinox chose to work with the Product Information Management (PIM) system Perfion. With Perfion, you get a single source of truth for product information that gives you control of all product data and handles continuous changes in requirements. Thanks to the collaboration between Perfion and Sana, the PIM system could easily be used on top of the e-commerce platform.

In short, business (master) data is managed in Dynamics AX. While Perfion adds product information, Sana Commerce takes care of the online publication and ordering.

Sana Commerce is like an extension of our team. We get great service and great guidance. This is critical because as a start-up, we don’t have money to throw away, either on vendors or on downtime.

Locinox Mik Emmerechts | General Manager at Locinox

The results

Innovative platform with extensive information

Thanks to its Sana Commerce web store, Locinox benefited from the following results:

  • Access to complete product information: With the new B2B sales portal, Locinox provides clients with a clear online overview of all products and availability. Furthermore, using PIM with the Sana Commerce e-commerce platform guarantees 24/7 support for product sheets and brochures online. By taking product catalogs online, Locinox is now able to help clients select the right product and avoid mistakes. The multiple product configuration options Locinox offers give the company a competitive advantage.
  • Reduced order error rate: However, the real art is doing this without complicating the order process, which is achieved by using a graphical product configurator. This increases the order accuracy, thus reducing the number of errors, saving costs and avoiding customer frustration.

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